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How (and why) to increase LGBTQIA+ representation in your design teams | Inside Design Blog

… difference between diversity and inclusion can seem subtle at first, but for designers from underrepresented communities, it’s massive.While </p>……

It’s been a bad year for female entrepreneurs in Europe

The latest numbers released by VC firm Atomico show that European tech has boomed in 2019. But numbers show no…

Shaping Better Workplaces Through Social Media Screening

Shaping Better Workplaces Through Social Media Screening “Who hired THAT guy?” Social media scandals can create nightmares for your public…

Why Investors React Negatively to Companies That Put Women on Their Boards

Researchers studied 1,644 public companies.   Diversity Reports Diversity Report

The Fashion Industry’s Disastrous Cultural and Historic Ignorance

Backlash from consumers engulf the fashion industry on issues of freedom of expression in spite of diversity, mental health and…

Scottish Women in Sport study could be key in bid for gender equality

"MAJOR sports bodies guilty of ‘shocking’ lack of women’s representation at board level” was a headline I disappointingly came across………

The Big Business of Unconscious Bias – The New York Times

Companies want to avoid racism, sexism and misgendering. Consultants are standing by. Diversity Report

Is Racial and Economic Diversity in Schools Important? – The New York Times

School districts and communities across the country are wrestling with this question. What do you think should happen?…

To target real diversity, ask the workers

Pan-European ranking by FT and Statista takes holistic view of inclusion… Diversity Report

Sterling K. Brown Wants the Conversation Around Diversity to Shift From ‘Inclusion’ to ‘Celebration’

The producer and ‘This Is Us’ actor says recognizing and embracing differences creates the best collaboration. Diversity Report