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June 4, 2019

A true believer in diversity, inclusion

Joseph Vaughan, executive director of the new Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Forum (CDIF), says the lack of diversity in D.C.…

June 4, 2019

Ayanna Pressley launches leadership PAC

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) will launch a leadership PAC to boost both incumbent Democratic candidates and challengers, according to WBUR.…

June 2, 2019

The Data Science Diversity Gap: Where Are the Women?

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips believes that data science is a much more creative field than you…

June 1, 2019

Pope celebrates diversity at mass in multi-ethnic Romania

Pope Francis on the second day of a visit to Romania celebrated diversity at a mass Saturday attended by tens…

May 31, 2019

It’s In Your Company’s Best Interest To Hire Diverse Coders

To be competitive and successful, tech companies need to invest in diverse talent. Chief Operating Officer’s insight: Report Diversity Diversity…

May 29, 2019

Smithsonian’s first black leader: ‘There are still doors people can’t get in’ | US news | The Guardian

Lonnie Bunch, named the 14th secretary of the Washington DC institution, aims to define Americanness through diverse stories… Chief Operating…

May 28, 2019

As a member to the Diversity Charter e. V., Audi is once again sending out a signal for the nationwide Diversity Day on May 28: Under the motto Flag for Diversity, the company is… | MarketScreener

As a member to the Diversity Charter e. V., Audi is once again sending out a signal for the nationwide…

May 28, 2019

Are CEOs ‘walking the talk’ on diversity? | HRD Australia

NZ organsiations must develop a strategic approach to retain and empower a diverse workforce… Chief Operating Officer’s insight: Diversity Report…

May 28, 2019

2019 President’s Awards for Excellence Through Diversity

The award recognizes and honors individuals and programs that have made exceptional contributions to enhancing and supporting diversity at Stanford.…

May 28, 2019

Opinion | It’s 2059, and the Rich Kids Are Still Winning – The New York Times

DNA tweaks won’t fix our problems. Chief Operating Officer’s insight: Inclusion Diversity Report