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Exclusive: Major sports bodies guilty of ‘shocking’ lack of women’s representation at board level 

International sports federations are facing calls to have their funding slashed if they fail to address "absolutely shocking" levels of…

Do Lawsuits Improve Gender and Racial Equality at Work?

What an analysis of 171 high-profile lawsuits found. Diversity Report

Lizzo: lack of body positivity in media took toll on mental health | Fashion | The Guardian

Truth Hurts singer says negative and stereotypical images affected her as a child… Chief Operating Officer’s insight: Diversity Report

Understanding the Trend of Performance Activism

I fall into the group of people that looks to Twitter for national and global updates on society, politics, the…

How to Get More White Men to Support Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Help them understand identity as a source of insight. Chief Operating Officer’s insight: Diversity Report

Diversity Insight: People with disabilities can be great employees

October is National Employment Disability Awareness Month. Credit unions have a lot to gain from hiring some of the 61…

Opinion | The Business of Health Care Depends on Exploiting Doctors and Nurses – The New York Times

One resource seems infinite and free: the professionalism of caregivers. Chief Operating Officer’s insight: Diversity Reports Diversity Report